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Born and raised in Malaysia, currently based in Switzerland. Her travels have inspired her to capture life with photography. What started off as a hobby, capturing special moments of her time around new cities and environments eventually evolved into a career she never foresaw coming. This very passion drove her to use the camera to express and deliver narratives previously unseen and untold. For her, photography became more than a way of creating memories. 


Photography has been a tremendous support for Callie and It has been a refuge for Callie during difficult times and a safe space to explore a multitude of emotions concerning love, conflict, and hope. 


Callie’s works mostly refer to life “In the moment”. She captures people to reveal honesty and express the authenticity of their individuality, heritage, and life. The raw power of her images makes us want to know more about the subjects, their life, and their personal stories. 

Xiaomi Creator

Editor of @friendsinprofile

Member of @womeninstreet

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