For Callie Eh photography was a life-saver. It picked her up at a difficult time in her life and has not let her go ever since. Originally from Malaysia, Callie has lived in various countries and is now based in Switzerland. Callie started Photography when she 40s,for her becoming a photographer is not something she has planned in the first place. At least not until 2015 when she moved to Poland, her work was discovered by a cafe owner and her passion for photography was growing ever since. She developed her photography knowledge and skills by attending different workshops, online photography classes, and photography books. What really help improve her work was a documentary workshop in Krakow 2016, which was extremely intense and really impact her work in the future.

Photography has changed her view of the world and made her see things differently. Although she likes to mix genres, her greatest photographic passion right now is documentary photography, inspired by her travels, the people she meets, different cultures, and different ways of life.

​Her work has been exhibited internationally - " Modern Nomads" has been exhibited in Poland and Malaysia 2017,  Featured article "Mongolia Series" at News Magazine Germany 2018,  Publish Leica LFI Magazine 2018, Solo exhibition "Foto Journey with Callie" in Wroclaw Poland 2019,  Featured "Modern Nomads" article and Interview in The Picofrial-list 2020. 

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