“Photography helps people to see” - Berenice Abbott


For Callie Eh photography was a lifesaver. It picked her up at a difficult time in her life and has not let her go ever since. Originally from Malaysia, Callie has lived in various countries and is now based in Zurich, Switzerland. Callie started taking photos as a hobby in 2008 but becoming a photographer is not something she has planned in the first place. At least not until 2015 when she moved to Poland, and her work was discovered by Gaston Sitbon, a cafe owner. What also later really impacted her was a documentary workshop in Krakow in 2016, which was extremely intense and deeply changed her photography point of view, on how to make a better picture.


She loves to photograph people in their daily life and tell their stories through her lens. Her photos are pretty much mixed, travel, street, and documentary. Callie is hoping to bring the feeling she had during each moment to the audience with an aim to warm their hearts.

Although some people lead a difficult life, for Callie it is important to express their happiness in the pictures. She points out that often the people who have the least are the kindest and happiest.


For Callie, the camera is a friendly tool to get close to various people and understand more about their dreams and interests before sharing them with you.



Exhibits :


 " Modern Nomads" has been exhibited in Poland and Malaysia in 2017.


 "Foto Journey with Callie" Solo exhibition in Wroclaw Poland 2019. 


“women street photographers”, Finalist,  Trieste Photo Days festival, Italy 2020.


“Venice Photolab” Group Exhibit,  Venice Italy 2020.

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