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Oma - "Life"

Oma Hedwig, at the age of 92, is a true inspiration. Despite suffering from old-age dementia, she still tries to master her life as much as possible and maintain her independence. 

While Oma Hedwig receives support from my parents-in-law, there are times when she may feel isolated, sad, and lonely. This is a common theme among seniors who are aging in modern times. The changes in societal dynamics and the advent of technology have made it easier for seniors to maintain independence, but it has also led to their isolation as they struggle to adapt to new ways of living and communicating.

Through my pictures of Oma Hedwig, I have been able to document her aging journey in everyday situations, including her joys, struggles, and times of loneliness. It is heartwarming to see her still trying to be independent, but it is also heartbreaking to see her struggling to adapt to modern situations.

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