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Oma - "Life"

'Spirit of the masterpiece' through the lens of the Xiaomi 13 Pro, which features a camera system co-engineered with Leica. "Oma-Life" is part of the ongoing project documenting my 92-year-old grandmother-in-law's everyday life.

The ongoing project "Oma-Life" offers a profound insight into the everyday life of my extraordinary 93-year-old grandmother-in-law, Oma Hedwig. By capturing the experiences and challenges she encounters, the project strives to address the prevalent theme of loneliness and isolation faced by many seniors in the modern era. Through her journey with dementia, Oma remains an inspiration to all, showcasing her unwavering determination to retain her independence. By sharing her story, my ultimate aspiration is to motivate others to extend their support to their loved ones who may be going through similar experiences, fostering a greater sense of empathy and understanding within our society.

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