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Shanty - A Galgos Journey from Abuse to a Loving Home


Every year in Spain, tens of thousands of Galgos are born and bred to hunting and dog racing. They endure a life of fear and cruelty and when they are no longer useful, the surplus dogs are abandoned, tortured, and frequently killed cruelly.

Sadly, Shanty's story is a heartbreaking example of the mistreatment and abandonment that like many other Galgos. Shanty's experience was particularly horrific, as he was hung from a tree and left to die a slow and painful death by his breeder. Prior to this, he had already endured neglect and near starvation. Fortunately, a kind woman discovered him in the nick of time, taking him down from the tree and bringing him to an animal shelter owned by a Swiss woman who provided much-needed care. Eventually, Shanty found his way to his current adopter - Tania Messerli.

Despite the initial challenges Shanty faced, such as fearfulness towards men and difficulty with house training, he has made remarkable progress. With love, patience, and proper care, he has become a great dog who is easy to handle and eagerly participates in various activities. He is now Tania's loyal companion, accompanying her almost everywhere, including to work, and he adapts well to any new environment.


Tania highly recommends greyhounds, such as Galgos, as pets and companions. Contrary to common misconceptions, they are not excessively demanding in terms of exercise and do not emit strong odors. They can be extremely loving and well-behaved when given the care and attention they deserve. Shanty's journey took a positive turn, His remarkable progress demonstrates the transformative power of love, care, and proper attention for these gentle dogs.

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