We can win this together

These photos was taken during my time in sambhali trust Trust India together with photographerswithoutborders (PWB)

Sambhali trust NGO is now working with the rural villages 100km west of Jodhpur near Setrawa, where Sambhali already has a Primary Education Centre. 200 families are in need of help due to the ongoing situation -covıd19 They have lost their jobs working in the local quarries because Rajasthan is in lockdown. These families – maybe 5 or 6 in each family - live in poor circumstances in basic huts with no electricity and collect water from a well. They are now approaching the extreme heat of the summer which will reach 50 degrees Celsius in this semi-arid desert area of Rajasthan. Sambhali is helping by providing food and essential supplies like soap to these families every 15 days, for the minimum of a month and they have just provided these supplies to the first 40 families. Your support make it different - Hope you all stay safe, healthy and positive.

More Information : https://www.sambhali-trust.org



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