Overcoming culture conflict

Equality is a basic Humanity. Fear is normal during a pandemic, Racism should not be. Salma, Age36. A Muslim woman who has overcoming cultural conflict. 20 years ago, Muslims and Hindu had a conflict in Ahmedabad, unfortunately, her father's boutique was burned to the ground, in one night they lost everything .... therefore he took the whole family ran to her nanny's home in Jodhpur when she was 17. She doesn't have any hate or anger because of this conflict, on the contrary, she understands that treating each other equally is very important. We both have a similar cultural conflict, in my country Malaysia (Muslim, Chinese Indian) some times do have conflicts but generally live peacefully together. Salma is very talented in drawing and design, she has a gift from her father. and she loves teaching, helping people. It was her dream of being a teacher since she was young. To her having respect for each other and treat each other as equal is very important, no one is born hating another because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion.



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