The Goonghat

Ghoonghat is a veil or headscarf worn by some married Hindu, Jain and Sikh women to cover their head, and often their face. As a custom and a symbol of identity is observed by Hindu women across castes, classes, and walks of life, in and outside Rajasthan. In this new century, women still trapped in this veil because of the culture and religion, they have been worn for the decades.“Wearing ‘Ghoonghat’ is a 'traditional practice' and it is a way of showing respect to the elders in the family.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has appealed to women to refrain from wearing ‘Ghoonghat’ but For them, it would be a violation of the age-old tradition. Having said that, It is a good initiative taken by the government. Awareness should be created among women through this drive. It will take time to completely abolish the practice. It can't happen overnight. However, The more the women get educated, the more would desist from wearing Ghoonghat.

Women empowerment is very important, therefore Sambhali Trust able to give these women the opportunity to transform, Sambhali Trust (NGO)is a nonprofit charitable organization whose focus provides underprivileged Rajasthan women and kids with an education in English, Hind, Math, and social skills, to support them in developing confidence and self-esteem and help them work towards financial independence.

The more I see and interact with women in rural India, the deeper is my respect for them, these women have always played a big role in rural livelihoods.

To help with this process of empowerment, the women graduate after a year and are given a sewing machine. This allows them to maintain their independence by taking in sewing jobs, giving them the means to become more self-sufficient.

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