The Pink Power

This photo series was taken from my journey in India together with Photographers Without Borders (PWB) . In this particular series are women who are a part of Sambhali Trust.

The majority of the girls and women at the centers are from low castes and some have difficult backgrounds.These women are so hungry for knowledge and have to fight so hard to get it, most of the Sambhali women were so bright and naturally intelligent, and it’s sad and frustrating that there just isn’t the opportunity in their society.

The first step to building confidence is having a community to support and understanding is very important, Sambhali Trust Jodhpur India is able to tell their stories, to be able to give these women a platform to continue their social skill to get a better life.

Multana, Age 30, she came to the center not only learning how to sew but also in basic English and math, by developing confidence and self-esteem, help her work towards financial independence and able to help her family.

Pink representing the color of Love, sympathy , and compassion, make us feel accepted and strong.

*thank you so much of Sambhali trust and PWB gave me this opportunity to meet these incredible women.*

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