Happiness is being deeply immersed in something I love

What make you happy ?

Miao Li : I feel internal happiness when being deeply immersed in something I love, what some people term flow, like when spending time with the people I love, experimenting my painting skills, observing nature and children playing, or even enjoying an interesting book or an inspiring documentary.

Miao Li was born and raised in Xinjiang, in western China, studied at Peking university in Beijing and made that city her home. She moved to Zug, Switzerland in 2015. She fell in love with art at a very young age, and she attended Xinjiang Yeyu Art Academy from age 6 to 16, winning several international art prizes.

Growing up to be an artist was Miao's dream, She has chosen business as a subject in university, however Art remained as her hobby for many years. Fortunately, she was able to pursue her dream again to become an artist after she moved to Switzerland.

Freeing her mind from artistic restrictions, she found her own style and worked as an artist to express her inner feelings and portray them on paper. Miao has studied both European art and Traditional Chinese art, where the symbiosis of those two worlds fascinate her. She loves to experiment with the expression of the cultural similarities and contrasts and their amalgamation in her paintings.

Miao has loved the old European artists since she was young, she summoned the courage to experiment with Traditional Chinese painting after she moved to Switzerland, and she found a new and exciting technique of using ink and Xuan paper enabling her to create her own Traditional Chinese paintings.

Miao's favorite city is Zug and it has become her second hometown now. She loves this place with many typical symbols of a "Zuger", and whenever she steps outside, she has the urge to paint the beautiful scenery and surroundings. She has therefore decided to create a series of paintings around Zug.

Miao also teaches children Traditional Chinese Painting in her spare time, and she especially enjoys seeing them explore new painting techniques and their results.

Her artwork has been exhibited in Switzerland already at Zuger the Kunstnacht Pop-up Art Gallery - a group exhibition in September 2020.



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