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The Art Of Shining Star

Pokhara / Nepal

Namaste! It was a great honor for me to meet the Shining Star School's principal Mr Arjun Prasad Pandey during my visit to Pokhara Nepal. 


Shining Star, an English secondary school located in the Lakeside region of Pokhara, Nepal, was established almost 20 years ago with just 17 students in 1998. Today, the school has grown to include about 500 students and 31 members of staff. The school is committed to its mission of offering quality education at a low cost to make it accessible to all students.

The founders of the Shining Star School believed that providing children with a quality English education would enable them to compete in an increasingly globalized world. They recognized that language barriers often impede success and prosperity. By giving children English fluency and a comprehensive education, they believed that they could improve their quality of life, and in turn, raise the standard of living in their community.

Shining Star is a beacon of hope for the children of Pokhara. With its focus on providing quality education, nurturing students' talents, and creating an inclusive environment, the school has become a model for other schools in Nepal. By offering English medium education, the school is preparing its students to compete and thrive in the global job market. And, with its long-term goal of offering free classes, the school is committed to breaking the barriers to education and ensuring that all children, regardless of their backgrounds, have access to quality education.


The School welcomes all volunteers to our organization!  If you have always wanted to visit Nepal or to make a difference in the lives of young people, this is your chance to shine!

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